What are public keys and private keys ?

Which package name should I share ?

How can I change the environment ?

What are the different environments ?

What Android version can be used with the SDK ?

What are the requirements to run SDK on Android ?


How can I generate JWT ?

What is JWT ?

How can I get the client uuid ?

When do I need to logout ?


What is reconciliation ?

What is a customer reference number ?

How can I make a purchase ?

How Can i Retry a Transaction?

Can I design my own receipt ?

How can I disable the ui of the receipt ?

Where can I see my transactions ?

How can I get the reconciliation data ?

How can I know the version of the payment plugin ?

When should the developer mode be turned off?

How can I print the receipt ?

Can the user refund more than the paid amount in the transaction?

Can the user issue more than one refund per transaction?

What's the difference between Refund and Reverse

TRSMs and Terminals

How can I create terminals?

Can I disconnect the terminal and link it to another device?

Can I connect one terminal to two devices at the same time?

How do I assign a terminal to my merchant?